you find an old photo book in an antique store. summer of 1987. photographs by adonis d'amour. if lost, please return to ███████

perhaps it was the allure of a haunted photo album. perhaps it was to show off to friends. perhaps it was to collect memories of a dead friend group or an aging couple that were left behind. you wonder if the owners are dead and only live on through the pictures in this album. you haven't opened the album yet. no, you waited. you asked the woman at the counter with her brittle fingers and wrinkled face what was inside. she said she had never seen the book before. anything that doesn't have a tag on it is $3. you say that's a steal for something so mysterious and precious.

also known as "fanservice: the most annoying red-hued nonbinary fiends, whose names start with the letter a, have their own body horror rom-com".

created for the 2023 bare bones jam.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 stars
(14 total ratings)
GenreInteractive Fiction
Made withTwine


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Loved the new way of showing the characters in a photo format! Didn't expect that, was also really well written and was interesting to see how Adonis and Aeron went together in the universe you've created!

OMG, beautifully written. This was so fun to read, like, the way you describe things is great. It is easy to picture what was being described, if that makes sense.